The founding of

Posted by Ben on May 5th, 2016

One summer morning in 2015, Ben was picking his old, beat up acoustic guitar while yearning for a nicer guitar to play. He dreamed of purchasing a Martin, but did not have the available cash to fork out a few thousand dollars at the time. After a lot of research, he found a company that offered a payment plan payment option and was able to purchase a beautiful, new Martin acoustic guitar with easy monthly payments. The ease of purchase and accessibility to an amazing product inspired him. was founded in August 2015 by brothers Andrew and Ben Schmid with the mission of helping small and medium-sized businesses sell their products and services with payment plans. We wanted to help a variety of different types of businesses sell with payment plans, so we developed integrations with ecommerce software companies like Shopify and Woocommerce for retail sales and also accounting and invoicing companies like FreshBooks and QuickBooks for collections.

One of the main inspirations behind was the fact that most businesses don’t have the resources or ability to offer their own credit programs; they have no easy way of offering a payment plan to their customers. Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for businesses to offer a payment plan payment option. We’re excited to be helping businesses increase sales and cashflow.