QuickBooks Invoices create payment plans with Partial.ly

Posted by Ben on May 11th, 2016

We’re excited to announce an update with the way we work with QuickBooks to allow businesses to offer a payment plan payment option for their QuickBooks invoices.

Once your QBO account is connected to Partial.ly, a new QuickBooks section will show up in the main navigation of the Merchant Portal. Here, all of your invoices with an open balance will show up in an organized list. Just click one button to send a payment plan payment offer for the invoice to your customer. Or, if you really want to give you cash flow a kick start, easily bulk-send payment plans to all of your customers with open-balance invoices.

This feature is already improving cashflow for all of our QuickBooks merchants by making it quicker and easier to offer a payment plan payment option for their QBO invoices.

Once a customer opens a payment plan for one of the QBO invoice payment plan offers, all of the payments will automatically added to QuickBooks and adjust the balance accordingly until the payment plan is completely paid, at which point the QBO invoice will update to paid. You don’t need to perform any manual entries once a customer opens a payment plan.