How it works for merchants

Whether they’re shopping online or planning to make a big purchase, customers want flexible payment options without having to rely on credit. If you’re not able to offer alternative ways to pay, you could be missing out on revenue!

Keep it simple, keep it secure.

Since no financing is involved with, your customers don’t have to go through a credit check and you don’t have to worry about the regulatory restrictions that come with many competing payment plan providers. We process payments through Stripe to ensure financial information remains safe and secure.

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How it works for your online business

Step 01

Create a payment plan offer

Set the conditions of the payment plan, including any line items, down payment amount, payment schedule, payment term, and first payment date.
Step 02

Assign your offer to a product or service

Assign the customized offer to products and services on your site for customers to select.
Step 03

Get paid routes customer payments directly to your designated account.

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So many ways to get paid

Your business is unique, so why should you settle for rigid payment options? allows you to quickly and easily create customized payment options for your business so customers can pay over time. Set up payment conditions that work for you by adjusting the term of the agreement, number of payments, payment frequency, and the amount of each payment.

Customize Your Payments