Launching a new product or service is an exciting endeavor, but it can be difficult to encourage customers to try something new. Use payment plan software to make it easy for your customers to try your new product or service.

With you can easily create custom, automated payment schedules to suit your needs. Set a relatively small down payment to encourage your customers to purchase, then will automatically bill the rest. also offers merchants optional customer flexibility, so your customers can customize their payment plans to fit within their budget. Any customer who sees that they can customize their payments is less likely to be daunted by a large, one-time payment.

The beauty of our custom flexible payment plan option is that your entire operation will be more efficient and your focus can be on the development and marketing of your new product. Our payment plan software is easy to use, so your staff will not be weighed down by training or collections. Perhaps your product has a hefty purchase price. Do not let your potential customers be deterred; give them flexible payment plan payment options and watch your new product take off.

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